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To advocate for and support access to preschool programs.


All preschool children having opportunities for a better future.

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Saskatoon PreSchool Foundation

In the early 1990s, teachers noticed that children in poverty entered kindergarten or grade one lacking many social, language, and learning skills. Sometimes their educational opportunities were minimal, their health jeopardized, and their self esteem low. As a result, these students were behind before they even got started.

In 1991, four fully-funded preschools were formed at King George, Pleasant Hill, Princess Alexandra, and Westmount Community Schools. Funding came from the province, service clubs, professional associations, churches, and individuals.

Preschool Tuition SUBSIDY

The Preschool Tuition Subsidy Program is meant to address the needs of preschool children where tuition is a barrier to attendance. The Board invites applications from individual families requiring assistance with the monthly preschool fees in established preschools. While the Foundation has limited funds for this purpose, applications will be considered on a first come, first serve basis. We encourage families requiring assistance to apply at any time.

Preschool Assistance GRANT

The Saskatoon Preschool Foundation will assist Saskatoon and area preschools with financial challenges to help provide educational opportunities for preschool children. The fund is available to provide educational opportunities currently unavailable and to support preschools facing severe financial difficulties. The Foundation has limited funds for this purpose and grants are on a one-time-only, and first come, first served basis.